Learn how to create a scrapbook of your child’s progress through school

Your child’s school years are over before you know it. And so many special memories pass by that you just want to keep alive for ever – for your child as well as for you. That is why we created the My Special Book About Me. But you may wish to make your very own ‘my school years memory book’. Such a scrapbook will serve a permanent story of their life at school.

Here are the top ten ideas (plus one) on what to do to make sure that you get to record all those special memories into your very own school memories keepsake book.

Prepare a separate school memories scrapbook for each of your children. One day you will give it to them for them to treasure and reflect on their school years, as well as share all those special formative school days years with you –with your share of smiles and (happy) tears.

Tip 1: Get a Scrapbooking Album Plus Your Decorating Supplies

Firstly find a suitable album. Make sure it is large enough to cover all the school years you wish to record, be it preschool, primary, high school or all the way (K – 12). Make sure the binding is strong, pages are good quality stock and each page is large enough. All scrapbooking suppliers or Craft shops will have something just for you. Or check on-line. Also look for decorations, stickers, embellishments, coloured paper and your favourite typeface for headings to personalise your creation, as well as adhesives, photo frames etc that you may need. You may find unique pockets to store memorabilia or just adapt and decorate standard envelopes.

Tip 2: Creativity Rules

You need not have a series of photos with text … Mix it up a bit, use jotting paper, crosswords, numbered lists, newspaper clippings to create the perfect school memory book.

Include interesting ‘news’ items that one day will be looked back on as milestones … favourite artists, movies of the years. Cost of property, a carton of milk or the cost of a car.

Tip 3: Photos

Remember what they say – A picture is worth a thousand words. And especially so for your child during their school years.

Start by going through your photo collection. Present and past. Look out for all the special moments. That first day at school, first school uniform, your child on stage in the school play, crossing the line at the school carnival, K12 graduation day and everything in between.

If there is something you want and do not have, check with friends, the school website or file shots like the school on line.

Tip 4: Keep a Journal

Keep a journal of all those special times – the funny, cute or heartbreaking stuff together with the emotions you experienced at the time… all those special memories of school days.

How did you feel at the time … what subjects did you select … why  …

What was the funnies experience you had … what made you sad …. Challenges and obstacles

Best (and worst) memories …. What did you learn from outside the classroom. Favourite holidays

Check out some ideas in our My Special Book About Me of some of the special memories worth recording.

Tip 5: Memorabilia

Keep in (custom or standard) envelopes all those special memorabilia …. School report cards, certificates, ribbons, achievements. Like the pocket we have in our school keepsake book.

Tip 6: Acknowledging Teachers

Your child’s life at school is what it is because of the enormous impact of the teachers. Everyone will have their own memories of teachers that touched their lives – hopefully most for the better. Some for worse. How they challenged you, made you laugh or their unique personality.

Firstly, try to capture photos of the teachers you wish to remember. If you do not have any handy, try the year book, school website (especially if they are still teaching) or friends. Preferably with you at the age you had the teacher. Throw in school photos, logos, ‘house’ names and school motto.

Make sure that you note in your journal just why the teacher was so special to you … favourite memories, lessons and things that changed you or you still remember to this day.

Tip 7: School Events

The journey through school is not just about you or about the subjects that you took. Your memory is about the school as a whole …. The sports carnivals, school performances, debates and musical performances and all the special events to record in a book.

Note especially the school-wide events and extra-curricular events that took place, particularly if your child took part. Does the school have a regular musical performance as a talent showcase? A one-off anniversary event for the school?

Is there a special activity it puts on for the young children in their early preschool Year K years?

If the school or its history or building is unique record that, including any memorable newspaper clippings.

Tip 8: Special Awards

Make a note to record academic achievements, school and year honour rolls …. Anything from ‘Most Improved‘, ‘Star Pupil’ or Dux of the year. Not just for your child but for those of their friends.

Tip 9: Subjects

What was their best … and least … enjoyable subject ?  When and why did they select the optional electives ? What about languages ? Include examples of work.

Record the achievements and also the difficulties and how they were overcome. Record if you can how the improvement occurred progressively over the year ….by way of a progress report or examples of work. Then do the same over a number of years. Documenting this information is a worthwhile way of recording the school years in a truly meaningful way.

Tip 10: Social Media

Include aspects of social media. Today there is so much out there – look back at the social media forms you use. Try to use some of the fun Facebook status pages or comments made on the page. Some fun tweets or things you have on Pinterest.

Tip 11: Interviews

Consider recording an ‘interview’ each year with you child. Try as far as possible to keep questions consistent to see how they change over the years. …. Favourites, best friends, what they want to be when they grow up, Highlights (and lowlights) of the year. You will note we have done just that in our Story of My Life at School. It is fun seeing how answers to such questions change over their school life.

Good luck with creating your own scrapbook of school memories. And if it all seems a bit daunting, you can just use our My Special Book About Me … A Story of My Life at school. We have done all the hard work for you.